About The Film

See Know Evil is a feature length documentary currently in production about the life and work of fashion photographer Davide Sorrenti. 

Davide Sorrenti is an elusive figure in the history of fashion and photography who has left a lasting impression, though to this day much of his story has yet to be told.  The son of renowned fashion photographer Francesca Sorrenti, and younger brother to Vanina and Mario Sorrenti, he was born into a family of gifted artists known as the “Coreleones of Fashion Photography.”  

Davide didn’t pick up a camera until late in his life though he quickly made up for lost time.  Before reaching the age of twenty-one had been published in Interview, Detour, and Ray Gun coming to be known as New york’s fashion Wunderkind.  As Davide rose to critical and commercial success, he quickly fell into a spiral of substance abuse, and within six months died of an overdose brought on by a combination of his Thalassemia which he had struggled with from birth and a small dose of heroin found in his system.  

Upon his death a media frenzy shortly ensued and Davide’s tale quickly became an A1 story in the New York Times going on to elicit a speech by President Clinton himself guaranteeing the term “Heroinc Chic” would become a household name.  

This documentary is an oral biography told by those who knew Davide best which hopes to tell the real story of what happened in the world of fashion in the late 90’s for the first time.