Support “See Know Evil”

Filmmaking is an expensive endeavor, complicated to no end by the costs of filming interviews in two of the county’s most expensive cities. We’ve managed to bootstrap a large portion of the film’s funding having already completed the majority of interviews - but we’re tapped for funds and we still have two more trips needed to complete Davide’s story.

Our first trip will be to Los Angeles to interview actress and former model Jamie King, who was Davide’s first love and girlfriend at the time of his death.

Our second trip will be back to Manhattan to interview Davide’s mother Francesca as well as several of Davide’s close friends and associates we haven’t yet been able to sync up with yet on past trips.

We have done everything within our power to stretch our modest budget and using family flight benefits, friend’s pads, and school equipment whenever possible we’ve been able to get a lot done. Your donation will go towards paying for reduced fare tickets for our skeleton crew of three, food and transportation costs, and equipment rental.